Economic responsibility

A responsible purchasing policy

LFB is a responsible company in the economic area, particularly in terms of supplier relations.
In December 2010 LFB signed the « Responsible Supplier Relations Charter », covering LFB’s relationships with all its suppliers, particularly SMEs; it sets out 10 areas of good practice and makes social and environmental responsibility even more integral to the Group’s economic life.

LFB group has also been a signatory to the « Innovative SME Charter » since December 2012, and a member of “SME Pact” since April 2013.

During 3 years, from 2013 to 2016, the LFB obtained  the « Responsible Supplier Relations » mark, the foremost official recognition of action taken in this area of purchasing.

The LFB Group drew up a Good Conduct Charter applying to all the Group’s companies and employees.