Le LFB est présent au congrès international de l’ISTH

Le LFB sera présent au congrès international ISTH avec un symposium le dimanche 18 juillet et plusieurs présentations de posters le samedi 17. Retrouvez ci-dessous le programme

PERSEPT studies posters presentations from Prof. Giancarlo Castaman, Prof. Wolfgang Miesbach, and Prof. Johnny Mahlangu’s are available all day on Saturday 17th, at the ISTH congress.

  • Prof. Giancarlo Castaman presents a prospective study in pediatric haemophilia A & B patients with inhibitors. “Bleed control in children with hemophilia A and B with inhibitors is a real challenge.”  New clinical data to be released at the ISTH congress.
  • Prof. Wolfgang Miesbach’s presentation: Hemostatic response and timely resolution of symptoms are a must have for patients living with Hemophilia A & B . “Pain relief in Hemophilia A & B patients with inhibitors is a major goal.”
  • Prof. Johnny Mahlangu’s presentation: the safety of a novel treatment for hemophilia A & B patients with inhibitors. “Pooled safety analysis of 3 prospective Phase III studies.”

Come and join Dr. Jean-Luc Plantier’s oral presentation on Monday July 19th at 11 AM US EDT / 5 PM CET, to discover more about the tissue factor-independent mechanism of action of a novel treatment at the ISTH congress.

The LFB’s Symposium at @ISTH international congress: listen to Profs Giancarlo Castaman, Steven Pipe, Janna Journeycake and Miguel Escobar presentations on Sunday July 18th, 2021 and discover new data in congenital hemophilia A & B patients with inhibitors.