Joining LFB means working for a human-sized company where ambitious projects translate into a high potential for development. Working for LFB means taking part in an ambitious collective adventure where everyone contributes within their areas of responsibility, focused entirely on serving the patients who are treated by our medicines. LFB’s success depends on the men and women who work for us, and the values embodied in their day-to-day activities and decisions: pride, respect, fairness and courage.


Working for LFB will give you the opportunity to develop your skills and acquire new knowledge and expertise through experience, training and coaching.


Our international talent development programme allows those who are interested, and who are selected, to receive specific support to help them move into positions with greater responsibilities, undertake assignments abroad and become the directors of tomorrow.


LFB takes its responsibilities towards society seriously. That is why each company within the group makes a real contribution to training and integrating young people through internships and work placements. For the same reason, we make sure we promote equal opportunities and do not discriminate based on gender, age or disability.


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