Scientific Board

A highly qualified board

LFB’s Scientific Board was set up in 1998 and, since 1999, has been chaired by Prof. Hervé Fridman; its role is to advise the company’s management on strategic options for development. All LFB’s research and development projects are conducted in close collaboration with this scientific board whose role is to guide LFB in its strategic choices of scientific and medical partnerships.
The Board includes internationally renowned experts in immunology, haemostasis, intensive care and rare diseases, and allows LFB to develop its activities and development programmes by enlisting the highest available level of scientific analysis and information.


Composition of the Board

The Scientific Board is chaired by Prof. Hervé Fridman, the current members being the following experts:


LFB Members
Guillaume Bologna
Sami Chtourou
Philippe Grédy
Professors and experts
Prof. Philippe de Moerloose, Manager of the Haemostasis Unit, Geneva University Hospitals
Prof. Gilles Edan, Neurologist. Head of the Neurosciences Unit at Pontchaillou University Hospital, Rennes.
Prof. Alain Goudeau, University Professor/Consultant – Bacteriology and Virology Department – French HIV reference centre, Tours Regional University Hospital
Prof. Olivier Hermine, Head of the Haematology Department at Necker Children’s Hospital, Professor at Paris Descartes University
Prof. Xavier Mariette, Head of the Rheumatology Department at Bicêtre Hospital, Paris-Sud University
Prof. Jean-Paul Mira, Head of the Medical ICU, Cochin Saint-Vincent de Paul University Hospital
Prof. Claude Négrier, Head of the Medical ICU, Lyon University Hospital
Jean-Hugues Trouvin, University Professor/Consultant, Paris-Descartes University, Faculty of Pharmacy, AGEPS-APHP.
Chair of the EMA’s Biologics Working Party (BWP)