2017 Rare Disease Day : LFB’s commitment in the field of rare diseases

2017 Rare Disease Day


Each year, on the last day of February, the « Rare Disease Day » reminds everyone in the general public about the rare diseases’ realities and the impact these diseases have on patients’ lives.



On 28th February 2017 takes place the tenth international Rare Disease Day coordinated by the European organization EURORDIS. According to this organization, in the EU, 30 million people may be affected by one of over 6000 existing rare diseases.

Committed in the field of rare diseases, with more than 60% of its medicinal products indicated for rare diseases, the LFB group has been supporting for years EURORDIS as well as ORPHANET, the reference portal for information on rare diseases and orphan drugs, gathering expertise from 35 countries. The LFB group has also been a long-term partner of international organizations such as WFH (patients with hemophilia / rare coagulation disorders) and IPOPI (patients with PID). In France, where it is a leading biopharmaceutical company, LFB supports major patients organizations in the field of rare diseases, namely for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, hemophilia and rare coagulation disorders, primary immunodeficiencies, multiple myeloma, peripheral neuropathies, as well as an association representing over 206 patients’ organizations with rare diseases, “Alliance Maladies Rares”.

Today, more than half of LFB’s R&D investments are targeted to projects for rare diseases and situations, in LFB’s expertise fields that are Immunology, Hemostasis and Intensive Care.

For more informations on rare diseases and patients associations’ actions: