Bioproduction services

Plasma derivatives: work under contract

LFB produces plasma derivatives for third parties, governments or public corporations. LFB fractionates plasma collected by the countries in question and sends medicinal products derived from this plasma back to those countries.
In 2016, LFB provided these services for Morocco, Belgium, and Brazil.

Biotechnology: bioproduction services

Three LFB Group companies are developing their work in bioproduction services in the area of biotechnology.
CELLforCURE works as a CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organisation), producing clinical and commercial batches of innovative therapy medicinal products for serious conditions, for which there is sometimes no therapeutic solution as yet. CELLforCURE is an industrial player in innovative therapies, operating an industrial platform in Les Ulis (France) with an annual capacity of 5000 batches.
LFB BIOMANUFACTURING, which operates the bioproduction site at Alès (France) specialising in the manufacture of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies by cell culture, provides bioproduction services to third parties, as well as manufacturing LFB’s recombinant medicinal products.
LFB USA, the LFB Group’s American subsidiary, also provides bioproduction services in the field of recombinant proteins, drawing on its expertise in the rPRO™ technology platform.