Products under development


LFB’s 10% immunoglobulin is registered in 15 European countries, for rare immune disorders. This product is being registered in many countries in the world. It is also under phase III clinical trials in the field of neurology, in view of European registration. 

A monoclonal antibody “anti-D”, recombinant, is currently under phase II B clinical trials, in view of European registration, for certain allo immunisation situations.


The file for a “BLA” (Biologics License Application) for LFB’s recombinant activated Factor VII is being reviewed by the FDA. LFB’s rFVIIa is potentially indicated in hemophilia.

Already marketed in several countries, LFB’s Von Willebrand Factor is under advanced clinical trials for European registration, in two new indications.

Intensive care

LFB’s fibrinogen, registered in 16 European countries for rare coagulopathies, is being registered in several countries in the world.