Products under development


LFB’s liquid 10% immunoglobulin, currently in registration in over 40 countries, is under phase III clinical trials in the field of neurology, in view of European registration.

A recombinant «anti-D» monoclonal antibody is currently under
phase II B clinical trials, in view of European registration, for some
allo-immunisation situations.


The Biologic License Application (BLA), requesting marketing approval LFB’s recombinant activated Factor VII, is being reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). LFB’s activated Factor VII, if approved, would be the first alternative for hemophiliacs A and B with inhibitors in over 20 years.

LFB’s Von Willebrand factor, already marketed in many countries, is under clinical trials for two new indications in view of European registration. This medicinal product is being registered in the USA.

Perinatal and intensive care

LFB’s fibrinogen is currently being registered in Europe and in other countries, for very rare coagulopathies. This medicinal product will also be investigated as to its potential interest in some hemorrhages, in view of European registration.