Social responsibility

A policy of responsibility to employees

The LFB Group is committed to a policy of responsibility to its employees.
Against this background, pivotal company-level agreements have been signed:

  • on preventing psychosocial risks, in 2011,
  • on gender equality in the workplace in Group companies, in 2012 and 2015,
  • on job and career management, in 2014.


Strong commitment to skills development

The LFB Group has been developing an active training and skills-development policy over a number of years, and in 2015 more than 90% of its workforce were able to take at least one training course.


Deliberate policy in favour of employing people with disabilities

A specific policy of employing people with disabilities was initiated in 2012.
The medium-term objective of this deliberate policy is for people with disabilities to form 8% of the workforce in France, both direct and indirect. Our goal is to ensure that disability is no longer an obstacle to the expression of skills and talents by individuals. Several initiatives are currently being developed in several areas, in conjunction with ESAT (vocational rehabilitation centres for disabled workers in France).