Composition and tasks of the Committees


The Audit Committee’s role is to assess all the financial statements and ensure that accounting, financial and ethical standards are applied within the Group, both in France and abroad. The Committee has to ensure that these standards are relevant and effective, and that the internal control procedures are effective. The Committee receives reports on the internal audit oversight programme and any outcomes from this.

Members of the Audit Committee:

François Auvigne, Thomas Gosset, Jean-Marie Zacharie and Vincent Denois.

Audit committee met four times in 2015.



The Research and Development Committee has the role of providing strategic and scientific information to assist the board of directors in their decision-making, particularly in relation to analysis carried out by the LFB SA Scientific Board.

Members of the Research and Development Committee:

Elisabeth HUBERT, Pascale AUGER, Pierre ANGOT, Jean-Michel HEARD, Manuela LEONE and Hervé MARCILLY.

The R&D committee met four times in 2015.



The Remuneration Committee was set up by resolution of the Board of Directors on 21 March 2011. The Remuneration Committee has the main task of preparing a recommendation for the Chairman and CEO’s remuneration and submitting it for consideration. The Committee also makes proposals regarding the total amount of directors’ attendance fees for submission to the shareholders’ general meeting, and also for how the total is to be shared among the Board members.

Members of the Remuneration Committee:

René Abate, Thomas Gosset and Dominique Saint-Picq.
In accordance with the recommendations of the AFEP-MEDEF code of June 2013 (amended version), the Board of Directors appointed Dominique Saint Picq to the Remuneration Committee on 4 April 2014 as the employee representative at board member level.

The Remuneration Committee met twice in 2015.

2014 annual report

2014 Annual Report