Strategic collaboration between LFB BIOMANUFACTURING and Sartorius.

Sartorius and LFB BIOMANUFACTURING collaborate on cell line development and manufacturing 

  • LFB BIOMANUFACTURING will outsource cell line development service to Sartorius to combine the best of each company’s expertise and increase value for customers,
  • Collaboration provides single-stop solution for customers to speed up protein therapy development,
  • LFB BIOMANUFACTURING specializes in therapeutic protein biomanufacturing, and is an entity of LFB, a leading European company providing plasma-derived medicinal products to healthcare professionals. 

Göttingen, Germany, Alès, France, March 27, 2024, the life science group Sartorius and LFB BIOMANUFACTURING, an expert CDMO in the development and manufacture of recombinant proteins, have announced an agreement under which LFB BIOMANUFACTURING will outsource cell line development (CLD) services to Sartorius. To this end, LFB BIOMANUFACTURING and Sartorius have built a strategic partnership to provide joint customers with end-to-end solutions from CLD services to clinical manufacturing, combining each company’s expertise to accelerate therapy development and increase value for customers.

CLD services requires significant expertise and resources and is often outsourced as a result. To bring a project from early discovery to investigational new drug application, biopharmaceutical developers need a partner with comprehensive experience in scale-up, commercialization, the evolving regulatory landscape, and technology transfer.

Through this collaboration, customers will have access to high-performing Sartorius cell lines and media that support successful transfer and scale-up, along with an integrated drug development process from LFB BIOMANUFACTURING. By partnering, the companies are enabling a one-stop solution that reduces the logistic and administrative efforts involved when engaging with multiple stakeholders, streamlining development and manufacturing processes.

Our clients’ success is at the heart of our partnership” said Heike Mayer, Head of Site, Ulm at Sartorius. “By seamlessly integrating timelines and harnessing cutting-edge technologies, we are not only empowering our clients to simplify their drug development process, but also achieve more together.

This strategic partnership will accelerate the development and manufacturing of biologics by leveraging the unique expertise of both companies” said Herbert Guedegbe, Managing Director of LFB BIOMANUFACTURING. “Our customers will now benefit from in-house CLD and cutting-edge technologies from Sartorius, combined with the scalable clinical and commercial manufacturing platform from LFB BIOMANUFACTURING — ensuring patients worldwide have fast access to innovative and affordable medicines.

With CLD service provided by Sartorius, the collaboration will ensure that customers receive everything needed to establish their clinical or commercial process. In time, the collaboration can accelerate time-to-clinic and time-to-market for therapeutic molecules.

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