The Powers of Blood

Discover The Powers of Blood, our series of educational videos dedicated to blood and its different components.

The idea? Enabling everyone, in a few minutes, to understand the role of blood  and its way of functioning through a series of five concise and explanatory videos.

Our series is intended for patients and, more generally, for all who wish to learn more about blood.

Episode 1 : “What is Blood?”

Focus on the blood, the amazing supplier and cleaner of our body.

Episode 2: “What is Plasma?”

Learn about the key role of a specific blood component: the plasma. Rich in proteins, plasma is used to produce medicines for the treatment of patients living with serious and often rare diseases, in France and worldwide.

Episode 3: “What is Albumin?”

Discover the role of one of the components of blood: albumin. The main function of albumin is to maintain appropriate water levels in the heart and blood vessels to prevent oedema.

Episode 4: “What are Immunoglobulins?”

Discover the key role of one of the main proteins present in the blood: the immunoglobulins. Also known as antibodies, the immunoglobulins defend our bodies from infections, while preserving the balance of our immune system.



Episode 5: “What is Coagulation Cascade?”

Discover the coagulation cascade, a chain reaction of activated coagulation factors to stop bleeding.