Relations with patients' associations

Long-term support

LFB provides long-term support to patients’ associations, chiefly those concerned with rare diseases, with a twin focus: contributing to a better understanding of these diseases and developing initiatives to improve patients’ quality of life.
In 2020 LFB supported the following patients’ associations: ADAAT (alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency), AF3M (multiple myeloma), AFNP (peripheral neuropathy) ,IRIS (immunodeficiency), AFH (haemophilia).

The AFNP (Association Française contre les Neuropathies Périphériques), which has a strong presence in the field of neuropathies, acts as a voice for patients with the public authorities, contributes to the implementation of therapeutic patient education programmes, accompanies patients and their families and contributes to the best possible care for patients in the healthcare system. Discover in pictures the testimony of Jean-Philippe Plançon, President of AFNP.

All the LFB’s partnerships with French patients associations are registered on the link below:

For LFB, improving the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases in their care environment is primordial, particularly in the case of young children. For instance, in the last 16 years LFB has partnered the Le Rire Médecin association, supporting visits from « clowns » in French paediatric hospitals.

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