Transparency of interests for France

The French law of 29 December 2011 on the strengthening of medicinal and health product safety introduced the concept of transparency in business or other interests, especially between pharmaceutical companies and some other players in the French health sector mentioned in the law.
With this in mind, LFB Group companies* publish aggreements and benefits, on the public website of the French Ministry of Health: 

  • agreements signed with French beneficiaries covered by the law,
  • benefits of €10 or more granted to French beneficiaries covered by the law,

*LFB Group companies concerned: Laboratoire français du Fractionnement et des Biotechnologies [LFB SA], LFB BIOMEDICAMENTS, LFB BIOTECHNOLOGIES and LFB BIOMANUFACTURING. These companies have authorised LFB SA to host published data about them on their behalf.