A special place in France

LFB has a special place in France

With more than 2000 healthcare establishment clients and 15 medicinal products sold, LFB is a major player for hospital-based health professionals in France.
Several hundred thousand patients are treated by LFB medicinal products each year, for both chronic and emergency treatment.
LFB is now one of the leading player in the field of plasma derivatives in France.

An economic player in healthcare

With more than 2,000 employees in France, three industrial sites, the head office of the group, and development teams, LFB is a major economic player in healthcare within France.
LFB’s three bioproduction sites in France employ over a 1,500 people in production: specialists in plasma-derived medicinal products in Les Ulis and Lille, and recombinant medicinal products manufacture in Alès.


2047 employees

in France


Bioproduction sites wolrdwide,

4 of which in France