A public health mission in France

A public health mission conferred by law

Through its subsidiary LFB BIOMEDICAMENTS, LFB has a statutory public health mandate in France, in the field of plasma-derived medicinal products.
LFB SA’s subsidiary, LFB BIOMEDICAMENTS, « focuses on fractionation of blood-derived plasma or components collected by the French blood donor agency (EFS) to meet national needs, particularly those linked to the treatment of rare diseases.
It distributes medicinal products derived in this way, mainly within France.»*

* Extract from Article 190 of Law n°2015-990 of 6th August 2015, amending Article L5124-14 of the French Public Health Code.


A player in ethical business in France

In line with its public health mandate in France, LFB is a long-term partner of the French voluntary blood donation federation (FFDSB), which has a seat on the Board of Directors of LFB BIOMEDICAMENTS. LFB supports the operations of voluntary donor associations, particularly the association of voluntary blood donors of La Poste – France Telecom / Orange, the national association of railway workers for voluntary donation (ANCDB), and the army blood transfusion centre (CTSA). In connection with this, LFB is also a member of the IPFA (International Plasma Fractionation Association).