LFB Key Dates

January 1994 Creation of GIP LFB (public interest group) Pharmaceutical establishment

2006 GIP LFB becomes LFB SA, a majority State-owned limited company, with creation of LFB BIOMEDICAMENTS and LFB BIOTECHNOLOGIES, French subsidiaries.

2007 Acquisition of LFB BIOMANUFACTURING, formerly MABgène, in Alès (France).

2008 Signature of an industrial agreement with SANQUIN, a Dutch plasma-derived medicines manufacturer


  • French market authorizations for LFB liquid Ig 10% and LFB fibrinogen.
  • Creation of US subsidiaries LFB USA and rEVO BIOLOGICS (formerly GTC BIOTHERAPEUTICS).

2010 :

  • Acquisition of EUROPLASMA, specialized in plasma and blood collection.
  • Creation of CELLforCURE subsidiary, specialized in advanced therapies – cell and gene therapies, the 1st technological platform for cell therapies in Europe.

2013 Launch of LFB GmbH, the German subsidiary

2014 :


  • LFB S.A. increases its capital by 230 million euros
  • Beginning of the construction of the LFB plant in Arras
  • Creation of LFB BIOTERAPIAS HISPANIA subsidiary, in Spain


2017 :

2018 New strategy for LFB Group

2019 LFB strategic transformation: refocusing on LFB core business, medicinal products derived from plasma or recombinant proteins

2020 SEVENFACT® approval in the USA.

2021 EMA acceptance for filing of the marketing authorisation application for Eptacog beta, the LFB recombinant factor VIIa