The LFB group

Since it was formed in 1994, the LFB has been developing, manufacturing and marketing therapeutic proteins, for diseases that are always serious and often rare.


The LFB is now one of the leading European players in biopharmaceutical, its products are aimed at health professionals, mainly hospital-based, these are plasma derived medicinal products in three major fields of therapy: immunology, haemostasis and intensive care.


The LFB, a biopharmaceutical company, offers plasma-derived and recombinant medicinal products, and is focused on international growth and an active innovation policy in its fields of therapeutic excellence.


LFB is a public company and is growing in a competitive sector. Over 2000 employees of the LFB, both in France and worldwide, are totally committed to meeting the company mission.

Every year, LFB’s 15 biopharmaceuticals are used to treat hundreds of thousands of patients with serious and often rare diseases.