Highly effective antibodies

Recombinant monoclonal antibodies with very high biological and therapeutic efficacy are being developed and produced on the EMABling® technology platform.
These antibodies have a markedly improved fucosylation profile, allowing them to bind more effectively to effector cells. The technology used for EMABling® provides a response to the long-standing problem of monoclonal antibodies that have low therapeutic efficacy despite their high degree of specificity for target cells.
This technology is covered by several patents filed worldwide.


Three monoclonal antibodies under clinical development

The “anti-D” antibody, which could be indicated in the prevention of some fetomaternal alloimmunisation conditions, is currently under phase II B clinical development for registration in Europe.
Two other antibodies produced with EMABling® are under development for oncology indications: an anti-CD20 antibody, under license from LFB, in phase III development by TG Therapeutics for registration in the USA; and an antibody indicated in ovarian cancer, under license from LFB, being developed by GamaMabs Pharma, at phase II.


Production on the Alès site

The monoclonal antibodies produced on EMABling® are manufactured by LFB BIOMANUFACTURING using cell culture in the Alès plant in France.