Highly effective antibodies

Recombinant monoclonal antibodies with very high biological and therapeutic efficacy are being developed and produced on the EMABling® technology platform.
These antibodies have an optimized fucosylation profile, allowing them to bind more effectively to effector cells. The technology used for EMABling® provides an improvement of the cytotoxic and phagocytic activity to the monoclonal antibodies, in addition to their high degree of specificity for target cells.This technology is covered by several patents filed worldwide

Production on the Alès site

The monoclonal antibodies produced on EMABling® are manufactured by LFB BIOMANUFACTURING using cell culture and offered for on-site services, in the Alès plant in France.

Agreement with Xenothera to manufacture a treatment for coronavirus infections

As part of this agreement, LFB’s bioproduction site located in Alès will mobilize its industrial capacities and expertise in the field of therapeutic protein production to manufacture the first clinical batch of XAV-19. This site, which was recently approved by the FDA, will prepare clinical batches of XAV-19 for clinical evaluation in the short term. Twenty-five LFB employees from the production, quality and logistics teams will be mobilised to meet this objective. A first clinical batch will be produced in May 2020. This first clinical batch will be essential for the launch of the clinical trial of XAV-19 that aims at treating several dozens of hospitalized patients by preventing respiratory decompensation which requires transferring the patients to an intensive care unit.