Intensive care

Responding to critical situations with emergency medicinal products

In the area of intensive care, LFB offers medicinal products to treat patients in situations that are often critical, with serious deficiencies of essential proteins.
These include hypovolaemia, severe haemorrhage, fluid replacement, or thrombosis.
In these emergency situations, healthcare professionals can use LFB’s medicinal products to provide patients with the proteins they lack.

Innovation to help train hospital teams

In emergency medicine, LFB has for several years been developing simulation training courses for teams, using various different tools. The interactive training software HEMOSIMS®, developed by LFB and its provider, offers training and self-assessment for healthcare professionals in the delivery room, in the management of post-partum haemorrhage: this is the first virtual simulation training programme for these critical situations, which are still the main cause of perinatal mortality in France.