Rare diseases

Therapeutic solutions for rare diseases

Over 60% of LFB’s medicinal products are indicated for rare diseases, making it a major player in this field. LFB’s medicinal products help hospital-based healthcare professionals treat patients with diseases that are sometimes very rare and for which there are few therapeutic options.
LFB devotes the half of its research and development investments to new biotherapy projects for rare diseases in the fields of immunology, haemostasis, and intensive care.

Continuing commitment to social and corporate issues

LFB helps and supports major institutional players in the area of rare diseases: in France, for the last 13 years Alliance Maladies Rares and elsewhere in Europe ORPHANET and the EURORDIS association.

LFB is a major partner of Orphanet. Its support is focused on two aspects:

  • Producing emergency information cards for healthcare professionals who have to treat patients with rare diseases.
  • Producing articles on rare diseases for Orphanet’s Encyclopaedia of Rare Diseases.