Rare diseases

Therapeutic solutions for rare diseases

Over 2/3 of LFB’s medicinal products are indicated for rare diseases, making it a major player in this field. LFB’s medicinal products help hospital-based healthcare professionals treat patients with diseases that are sometimes very rare and for which there are few therapeutic options.

What is a rare disease ?

The term « rare disease » points to pathologies concerning less than one person out of 2000*. Up to 8000 rare diseases are numbered in the world, 80% of which are of genetic origin. About 30 million people in Europe, and 3 million in France, suffer from a rare disease in 2016*.

Haemophilia, Primary Immunodeficiences (PID), dysimmune neuropathies, constitutional deficiency in essential proteins, are rare diseases deeply changing the lives of the people affected by them.

*Sources: Ministry of Solidarity and Health.