LFB acquires Amber Plasma in the Czech Republic and strengthens its plasma collection network in Europe

Paris – 30 of May 2024 – LFB, through its affiliate Europlasma, announces today the acquisition of Amber Plasma, a company specializing in opening and operating plasma collection centers in the Czech Republic.

The acquisition of the 12 Amber Plasma collection centers marks an important milestone for Europlasma. Through this acquisition, Europlasma will own and operate 24 plasma collection centers in Central Europe: 15 centers in the Czech Republic and 9 in Austria. This will significantly increase the plasma collection capacity of Europlasma and also contribute to ensuring the supply of plasma to produce LFB medicines.

LFB, the French biopharmaceutical company develops, manufactures, and markets plasma-derived medicinal products and recombinant proteins for the treatment of patients with serious and often rare diseases. LFB remains committed to its strategy of adding additional plasma collection capacity in Europe to supply plasma-derived medicines to cover the increasing needs of patients in Europe. LFB also aims to offer its products to patients in the Czech Republic. 

Jacques Brom, Chief Executive Officer of LFB, explains: “We are happy to welcome all employees from Amber Plasma to LFB. We look forward to working together in serving more and more patients with plasma-derived therapies, including in the Czech Republic. This is an important milestone in our effort to bring additional plasma for fractionation to our new industrial French site in Arras which will triple the production capacity for LFB’s medicines. It is a major step forward for patients living with these serious and often rare diseases. As well we are also pleased to welcome all plasma donors from Amber Plasma with their essential contribution at the start of the long-lasting process to produce the so urgently needed medicines.”


Richard Král, Chairman of Amber Plasma stated: “Because we share the same priority, to implement the means to meet the growing demand for plasma-derived medicines, joining LFB is a great opportunity for international development. It also provides our employees with development opportunities, while guaranteeing a high level of service to our donors.”


Daniel Kunz, executive partner of Dibiti stated: “We are proud of the success and growth Amber Plasma has achieved under our ownership. There is a significant shortage of plasma in the EU, and we are proud that we, together with the management, have built Amber Plasma, which contributes to ensuring an adequate supply of human plasma for the production of medicines and saving lives. We supported the Amber Plasma project during a critical growth phase and are confident that LFB will continue to develop the project and fully leverage the potential of vertical integration in the drug manufacturing process.”


Thanks to this acquisition, the expertise of Europlasma, LFB, and Amber Plasma has been combined to serve a common mission: to meet the public health challenge set by diseases requiring treatment with plasma-derived medicinal products.