Discover the new LFB CSR Charter

Discover the new LFB Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter!

This attached CSR Charter presents 10 societal, social and environmental commitments based on our values at LFB. With its CSR Charter, LFB aims to give both its employees and external stakeholders a better understanding of the company’s commitments and good practices in the area of CSR. Here are just of few of our concrete achievements in this area:

  • In societal matters for example, LFB is an engaged member of the French plasma sector, alongside blood donors, the “Etablissement Français du Sang” and hospitals, towards the goal of serving patients. It has created a Committee that meets regularly with blood donor and patient associations to discuss their expectations and maintain a relationship of trust.
  • At the social level, in 2022, we plan to welcome 120 young talents as part of work-study programs and internships across our industrial sites in France. Our goal is to recruit the employees of tomorrow by offering them a formative and enriching experience, from both a professional and human standpoint. LFB is committed to developing an ambitious policy to promote the development of young talent.
  • In terms of the environment, our future Arras plant is committed to sustainable development: construction has begun on the low environmental impact “Valorization Unit” building that will serve to recycle and transform the plant’s biological waste. Using innovative processes, this building was designed to incorporate green products and bio-sourced materials.

Download the new LFB CSR Charter: