Social responsibility


Well-being at work and professional development are key to LFB’s performance. The quality of life at work, inclusion, appropriation of the Group’s values and even LFB’s social responsibility are all topics covered in the context of HR projects serving society and LFB employees alike.

In light of the company’s strong growth in recent years, skills development is more than ever a key priority. Our challenge is to promote the transmission, maintenance and development of know-how that meets the highest of standards, throughout the career of our employees within the LFB.

Internal mobility, which was redefined in 2022, is also essential. Employees are put at the heart of this system and are the main players in the process, alongside their managers and the HR teams. Everyone works together to best reconcile every person’s mobility wishes with LFB’s skills needs.

Finally, the company continues to pursue its active policy to promote internships and work-study contracts, the number of which offered in 2023 increased by 40%. At the same time, it has been strengthening its partnerships with those schools providing training in our professions which are located close to our sites.


The law of 9 May 2014* authorises any French employee to donate one or more days off for a parent with a seriously ill child. LFB’s management team has decided to extend this system to employees with a seriously ill spouse.

In 2017, the LFB HR department set up a Solidarity Savings Account (CES) to which any employee who wishes can donate a day off or reduced work time day off (RTT) (within the limit of 5 working days/year), on a voluntary, anonymous basis, without compensation.  The continuation of this campaign of “Donation of days off between employees”, allows “any employee who cares for a child under 20 years old or a spouse with a serious illness, a disability or was the victim of a particularly serious accident requiring sustained presence and compulsory care” to benefit from days off donated with LFB. The Donation of days off allows employees to voluntarily hand over part of their earned vacation days to another employee with a dependent child under 20 years of age who is seriously ill, disabled or was the victim of a particularly serious accident. The number of days collected as part of this programme was 17 in 2022.
* LAW No. 2014-459 of 9 May 2014 authorising the donation of days off to a parent of a seriously ill child.


The values of the LFB Group and its commitments in terms of social responsibility testify to its attachment to the principle of professional equality between women and men. Valuing professional equality between women and men is recognising the fundamental challenge of having a mix of talents, which is a factor of social balance and economic efficiency for the company.

Gender equality in the workforce at LFB remained stable (2022: F = 47% and M = 53%).

In 2023, LFB was awarded a score of 98/100 in the Gender Equality Index, which reflects the effective policy carried out in terms of gender equality.