The French State proposes Denis Delval as member of the Board in anticipation of his appointment as new LFB Group CEO

Convening of LFB S.A. General Assembly: the French State proposes Denis Delval as member of the board, in anticipation of his appointment as new LFB Group CEO

Gathered on 22 November 2017, the LFB Board of Directors called a General Shareholders Meeting for 4 December 2017 to propose the appointment of Denis Delval and Corinne Fau as board members.

The French State informed LFB that, once the General Assembly has been held, it will submit to the deliberation of the Board of Directors the proposal to appoint Denis Delval, by decree of the President of the French Republic, in accordance with Article 19 of Ordinance no. 2014-948 of 20 August 2014 on governance and capital transactions in State-owned companies, as the new CEO of LFB to replace Christian Béchon, whose second term of office has come to an end.

Christian Béchon managed LFB for 12 years. During his two terms as CEO of the company, he profoundly transformed LFB by helping its transition from a public interest group (GIP) to a public limited company while maintaining good social relations, by stepping up its production of plasma-derived medicinal products in France and boosting international sales and by rolling out a strategy to expand into biotechnologies.

By proposing Denis Delval as director, with a view to appoint him as CEO of the company on 4 December 2017, the State is looking to launch a new round of development for LFB.

Denis Delval spent most of his career working in the pharmaceutical industry, where he gained extensive experience. While working both in France and abroad, he completed a number of industrial-development and business projects that make him a worthy candidate to help LFB overcome the challenges it currently faces.

 With a PhD in Pharmacy and graduate of the ESSEC and INSEAD business schools, Denis Delval has a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. He has held important marketing, sales and strategic positions in France, Europe and worldwide, and has managed international partnerships within various pharmaceutical groups (Bayer, Fournier Pharma, ALK). In 2006, he was appointed General Manager at ALK laboratory in France, then in 2012, he became also Senior Vice President at European level, in the Danish pharmaceutical group, specialised in allergy treatments.

As General Manager of the French subsidiary, Denis Delval had the opportunity in recent years to expand the production capacity of the two French plants in order to meet growing demand from patients in a crisis situation.

Denis Delval is a member of the LEEM Board of Directors, and President of a health think tank ( He gives lecturer at the ESSEC business school.

Denis Delval, 53 years, is the father of four children.


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